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For over 40 years, we have been leaders in the Made in Italy synthetic monofilaments production



With its production, Fil.Va can satisfy the specific requests of different product areas.



Thanks to continuous training, each Fil.Va specialist has a highly qualified technical profile.



A long journey, a quickly expanding business: today Fil.Va boasts 3 production sites with the latest generation machinery.

a yarn that links

the whole world

a yarn that links the whole world
Scopri l'azienda.


Over 40 years of activity, continuous innovation, and the ability to look at the future to propose solutions that are ahead of the times. All this makes Fil.Va one of the most successful companies in the synthetic monofilament market in Italy and abroad. Thanks to the constant investments in for latest-generation systems and to make technologies and production capacities more efficient, Fil.Va can periodically renew its wide range of products and satisfy leading customers in various product sectors. This is why Fil.Va has managed to grow its turnover and could acquire greater market shares in the technical textile, filtration, and automotive sectors.


At the base of Fil.Va’s business strategy success, and its unique ability to innovate, there is the solid cooperation with FARE’ SPA based in Fagnano Olona (VA): a design and building company, able to supply the latest-generation extrusion facilities, specific skills, and highly specialized technical support. The constant growth of the company has been supported by investments in which the Farè family strongly believed. Under the leadership of Mr. Rosaldo, the management and the executive tasks have been entrusted to the new generation with his sons Marco, Natale and Elena.

Scopri l'azienda.


Over the years, the staff has increased gradually with the achievement of important economic objectives: today, more than 100 technicians and specialists are employed in the production and logistics processes, in the organizational support structure, and the distribution network. Several teams are working in synergy, increasing the level of excellence of the company. Fil.Va ensures regular staff evaluation plans and guarantees technical and specific training for each employee. To support growth in the most advanced sectors, the company is committed to optimizing operational flows, management processes and working methods following the standards required by customers. For more than 20 years Fil.Va has obtained quality and safety certifications, essential reference standards for achieving the defined improvement objectives, and for supporting growth over time.


Fil.Va promotes its products and pre-sales or post-sales services in the main trade fairs, including Techtextil in Frankfurt. The constant appearance of Fil.Va at these events responds to consolidated logics and business-to-business communication strategies. Those expositions represent an opportunity to confirm the quality of the work carried out to loyal customers and offer the possibility to visitors and potential customers to closely understand the opportunities of improvement, the technical development, and the production capacity that the company can offer.

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